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Data Search Criteria
Free-form type or copy/paste search terms for any combination of NSC number or drug name, gene symbol, or microRNA id (at least one).
Multiple search terms can be separated by tabs or new lines.
By default, data for all cell lines will be retrieved, though search results can be restricted by panels or cell lines in the next part of the form.
If you specify ANY panels or cell lines ONLY data for those panels and/or cell lines (inclusive) will be retrieved.

Lists of the recognized search terms are available in the Project Documentation.

NSC numbers: Enter only the integer part of the NSC. All NSC are DTP S series (Synthetic Compounds). Drug Names: Case-insensitive match. Gene Symbols: Exact match by case and formatting for HUGO standard names: ABL1, TP53, etc. miR: Exact match by case and formatting: hsa-let-7d-5p, hsa-miR-107, etc. Cell Lines: Exact match by case and formatting: A549/ATCC, DDLS, etc. Panels: Exact match by case and formatting: Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma, Bone/Muscle, etc.

Auto Complete Data Search Criteria
An interactive list of suggestions will be shown once three or more characters have been typed.
To select a suggestion for use as a search term, scroll to it and click with a mouse or use ENTER.
That selection will be added to free-form text areas.Skip Export Data

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Sarcoma Project Data Search

Data Search Criteria (at least one is required)

Cell Line Restriction Criteria (optional)

Auto Complete Data Search Criteria

Auto Complete Cell Lines and Cell Panel Restriction Criteria

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